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Micro Softener

The micro softener is a reliable compact water softener suitable for use in many  applications (including but are not limited to):

Ice maker Boiler, Steam iron, Dishwasher, Laundry Household Pretreatment Coffee machine, Humidifiers, Kitchen

The micro softener is supplied with all desirable features making it one of the best compact water softeners on the market today these are:

Digital time clock, By pass valve, Blending valve, Volumetric regeneration (immediate, delayed or time based), High quality water softening resin



Control system: Multi Chanel Control Valve
Default Start Up Time: 2.00 am (adjustable)
Regeneration Time: Default 100 minutes

System Design Specifications:
Flow Rate: 2-300 lph
Total Resin Volume: 5.3 litres
Water Softening Cycle (200ppm feed): 2,000 litres
Water Softening Cycle (100ppm feed): 4,000 litres
Water Softening Cycle (50ppm feed): 8,000 litres
Salt Consumption max: 848g Complete regeneration
Water Quality Requirements: Municipal water
Pressure: 0.15-0.3 Mpa
Water Temperature Requirements: 1-42C
Electrical Requirement: 220v/50Hz

Product Specification:

Inlet / Outlet pipe size: 1/2" male thread
Drain pipe size: 1/2" hose barb
Dimensions (LxWxH): 360X220 X481mm
Weight (shipping): 12kgs


digital control
bypass valve
blending valve
power supply

Digital Control

Bypass Valve

Blending Valve

Power Supply